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Donkey Prayer

My prayers are like a donkey They are not the words of kings Oration of the learned Just humble meanderings

My prayers are like a donkey They are plain and ordinary They carry burdens to the throne And cares of which I’ve many

Tied up here And waiting, Should my master have a need Or if a brother have a burden A cause for which to plead

They bear my loved ones over trails Rocky and unyielding Carrying me to loving arms My Father, for forgiving

Not the larger trusty steed Fast and furious charges Or flaring nostrils, pounding hoof But onward plodding, stalwart.

I want to be a donkey,

though, not stubborn or unwilling, To carry and uphold the weak, That cannot hear his bidding

To bear their burdens on my back Bring prayers they cannot say

Then step by step before the throne At my Fathers feet I lay.

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