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I’m under the tree Lord, do you see? The sights and the sounds They are lovely to me.

My dreams and vague memories Faint though they be, Cannot compare to the glory We’ll see.

Such beauty seems endless, crystal clear seas twinkling and shining, seem smiling at me

But the sea like our journey Is deeper by far, And the dangers and torments Are oft where we are.

Calm on the surface, Peril beneath, Beauty and terror, Like death underneath.

Carry me like a wave Lift me up from the sand, Drop me gently back down, by the power of your hand

Though treacherous my life seems Behind in my wake, I’ve strewn flotsam and jetsam Please God will you take?

Take those that I’ve wounded Those I have hurt, Mend them and mold them Erase every thought.

Of error and hatred or bitterness

fuelled by vanity, sensuous, violent and cruel.

Jesus your purity From this day on, Fill me with heaven That I can pass on .

Based on the account of Nathaniel under the tree, where Jesus sees him during his morning contemplation. one of my favourite passages. The first time I read it I thought Wow, Jesus is here saying he is God. That morning Nathaniel is having his devotion or quiet time under the tree talking to his God. And Jesus quite clearly tells him , while you were under the tree I heard you , I saw you. if that’s not a wow moment I don’t know what is. Tara Gill

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